About Movidas

We are a fresh and innovative company specialising in travel to Latin America – Mexico, Central America, Cuba, and South America. We also handle a jump across the Drake Passage with cruises to Antarctica, and stopovers en route to Chile in lovely Tahiti. Movidas will arrange independent or group travel and at a standard to meet your needs from comfortably moderate to pampering luxurious. Our reliable and loyal ground operators look after you in each destination from arrival at the airport to departure so you can relax and enjoy your stay while someone else looks after the finer details for you.

Movidas – The Name

Movidas is colloquial Spanish for ‘moves’ or ‘movements’, an expression often used in dance or sport. It can also mean ‘in vogue’ or ‘chic’ or ‘a good connection’ – as in ‘I know someone who can get tickets to the sold out performance…’ It implies life and enjoyment, which is what the Movidas team hopes you will experience on one of their journeys.

The Movidas Team

Robyn Smith and Simone Marashlian have been working as a team for over fifteen years, sending travellers on amazing journeys to Latin America!  They are constantly coming up with fresh and exciting ideas for travel to this amazing continent, with a feel for what each individual journeymaker desires. The idea is for travellers to immerse themselves in what they enjoy, be it vibrant cities, tropical jungles, wildlife havens or amazing landscapes. We have had great support also from our wonderful web designer and artist, Luca Balboni, and our team, Brenda, Edith, Libby and Briony!  We want to move you to the destination of your dreams.

Movidas Location

Movidas Journeys has followed the new trend of becoming home-based which gives us more time to dedicate to your adventures! We have noticed that you are happy to book over the phone or via email these days, but should you wish to meet in person we are most happy to meet you in the Sydney CBD or perhaps a bit closer to your home or office where we could chat about your adventures over a coffee.

Movidas in 2017

We continue to support events and organisations associated with Latin America.  We hope to send some of you on a Movidas Journey in 2017 and thank those who have already returned! Have a good surf of the website as there are many items on the menu and we are sure something will tempt you. We look forward to looking after you!