NICARAGUA, located in the heart of Central America, bordered by Honduras and Costa Rica, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean, is the largest country in Central America. Its 130,000 km2 are home to mountains, 50 volcanoes, crater lakes, lush rain forests, beautiful beaches and Central America’s two biggest lakes: Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua. The latter is home to over 450 volcanic origin islands, including the world’s largest volcanic lake island, Isla Ometepe and 5 distinct archipelagos. Lake Nicaragua’s western-most point is only 18 km from the Pacific Ocean, but drains into the Caribbean Sea by means of the San Juan River. While Managua has been the capital since 1852, some of its other cities are true colonial gems, such as Granada (the oldest city in Central America) and Leon.The Nicaraguenses are friendly and warm and the country truly is full of surprises.