VENEZUELA is located in the upper northeast corner of South America, with the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the East. It borders the Republic of Guyana, Brazil and Colombia. and has a great diversity of landscape, flora and fauna. The cosmopolitan capital, Caracas is located in the valley of the Guaire River along the slopes of Mount Avila National Park. Venezuela’s Amazon basin offers a huge array of wildlife. Canaima boasts a giant National Park, as big as Switzerland, and the highest waterfalls in the world, Angel Falls. La Gran Sabana is one of the most spectacular highlands in the world; The Orinoco Delta covers an area of about 25.000 sq.kms, The Llanos (Savannah) occupy the entire central part of Venezuela. Old Cattle-Ranches, known as ‘Hatos’, have recently turned to ecotourism, with comfortable lodges. The Llanos are Venezuela’s greatest repository of wildlife, especially birds, which live here permanently or gather seasonally to breed and feed, from as far away as Alaska & Canada. Margarita Island is the isle with more beaches in the Caribbean Sea only surpassed by Cuba. Venezuela – a myriad of possibilities.